Is Instagram the new Holga?

Was working on a project last week when I came across this photo linked off the Patagonia site:

I love his quote, "Back In 2008 The Only Way I Could Really Get A Camera Into (Burma) Was To Take My Multi Colored Holga Because No One Would Take Me Serious"

Walking around with a plastic camera that looks like a toy is a great way to disappear into crowds and the landscape, as it doesn't draw the attention of my larger cameras, with tripods, bags, etc...  I totally connected with his point about Burma.  Mine was multicolored as well with black, red and camo duct tape against light leaks. 

It's a great image and says so much socially about human perception, toys and how we view the world.  I shot for years with a Holga (see the next post) and used a Diana back in the early 80s in high school.  My school had a required art class which addressed color theory, composition and drawing.  What was cool about it were the Dianas.  Everyone had to shoot, develop and print from 120 negatives to focus solely on composition - the art department felt this was the simplest way to distill composition.

While I fell in love with photography in high school, I didn't realize how much I loved this format until I my 20s and 30s when I shot constantly with my Holga.  Even going so far as rigging up a water rig with ziplock bags, duct tape and skylight filter to venture into the Pacific to see what I could see through this beautiful lens.

I shot in Maine, California, New York, China and took some of the photos dearest to my soul with this camera.  After seeing this Burma image, I was moved to share some of my images - hope you like them.... 

Venice Porch 1999

Venice Porch 1999