End of Summer

Supposedly there is an enormous hurricane off shore as I type, but it's a cool beautiful day here that carries an end of summer feel in the air.  

Visually, the light has been beautiful with the storm swirling offshore - yesterday the beach light was bright and diffuse so pretty much anywhere you took a photo was perfection.  Last night the sun came in under the clouds while a dinner party in our friends backyard kicked off, giving us end of the season memories to take back to school and work.  

Looking at Archivast photos, this Coney Island image caught my eye the minute I saw it with the flags and sharp geometry of the roofs.  It's a summer feeling I remember from my childhood - even though it's from 1900 (well before I was born).  To me it feels like salt, smells like the beach and I can imagine the breeze when I lay eyes on the photo.  This experience is what I love about Archivast.  When I dig through archives, I'm on a journey of sense and memory.  Not many of the photos catch my attention, but the ones that do trigger an appreciation of composition and subject, but more importantly deliver me somewhere else as this photo does.  

Long after this summer is wrapped up, I can look at this image (and the ones I took yesterday) and be transported to the place, even if it was many, many decades before I arrived.  Enjoy the photo and take a pause to remember and be grateful for this summer.