Happy 4th from Greenpoint, Brooklyn, 1928!

When I saw this photo in the archives it spoke to me as the true essence of Archivast.  It brings to mind Robert Frank's "The Americans", Walker Evans or Dennis Hopper with it's directness and American feel.  This image, taken as part of the NYC transit survey, was recorded as a tool to help in planning the subways of NYC - but the person behind the camera was clearly a talent.  You can feel the photographer's presence in the image, and as a result - this combination of feel and talent created beauty.  Greenpoint Brooklyn, 1928 could be in a gallery or museum - but we're excited to give the photograph a future where it can be seen and appreciated, rather than sitting in a filing cabinet a few floors below ground somewhere in NYC.  Happy 4th everyone!  Let's appreciate the beauty we have today!